Oil is beneficial for the skin, not bad.

Many people have ignored vegetable oils for moisturizing the skin. Use of oils such a coconut oil, sesame oil or olive oil for washing the face or applying it after washing works well for the skin. This technique is independent of the skin type and evens out the skin on using several times. The skin becomes either naturally moisturized or less oily. Interestingly, these oils are part of ingredients of top products in the market.

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Maintain stress levels to minimum

Stress causes severe acne breakout. Stress takes a toll on the entire body including the skin. Stress increases the body’s production of hormones that makes the skin oiler reducing the capability of the skin o fight off acne causing bacteria. Consider regular stress management techniques like yoga to keep stress levels under check

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Use a retinoid

Retinoid is the best kind of topical cream to repair the aging process. Retinoid are derivative compounds of vitamin A and known to boost collagen production and cell rejuvenation. They unclog pores and stimulate skin blood vessels. In turn, this reduces oil and acne and smoothens skin hence producing a healthier appearance

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